Photo credit Andreas Wagner

OTBT Packing: Top Tips

Going ‘off the beaten track’ can feel a bit overwhelming which is why OTBT vans come with so many of the necessities you’ll need. For all those other essentials, it’s important to pack wisely so you don’t land up bringing things you just don’t need. Knowing what this includes beyond a phone charger and your toothbrush can be tough, especially if this is your first time going OTBT. So we’ve put together a helpful guide for you.

What to wear?

How are you going to live your adventure? Are you going to be water based, forest exploring or festival fancy? Make sure to pack the right gear. We also recommend bringing slippers and something comfy to lounge in for those cosy nights by the fire or in the van.

OTBT vans come with a washing line and bag of bamboo clothes pegs so you can dry what you need - no one likes a soggy towel or wetsuit the next day! 

OTBT Extras

Time to chill

Our vans are the perfect place to relax after a full day so pack your favourite games, books and colouring. ‍


You can play music in the van stereo but we love nothing more than a campfire jam so don’t forget your guitar! Or your trusty bluetooth speaker loaded with your favourite playlist. ‍

Campfires and cozy extras

The beauty of travelling OTBT is you’ll be spoilt for choice with breathtaking locations. Bring your favourite blanket to enjoy a glass of wine under the stars or beach feast. ‍

You can hire a fire pit from us and the van has matches. All you’ll need is wood which you can buy en route or at your destination. ‍As another New Forest based company we love everything Passenger Clothing does. And especially their amazing blankets for snuggling by the fire. The one below is our firm favourite.


Don’t worry about bringing your supply from home or needing to buy any travel sized bottles. OTBT vans come with Faith in Nature shampoo, conditioner, body wash and Bower Collective hand wash and washing up liquid. Do make sure you pack sun-cream and insect repellent though if you’re prone to bug bites. There are microfibre bath and hand towels in your van, but bring extra depending on your adventure plans.


Our vans come with fully equipped kitchens and all the essential utensils and dinnerware so you can cook up a delicious feast, whatever the weather. There’s no more huddling under an umbrella whilst cooking wet sausage on the BBQ! There’s plenty of storage for your food and snacks, you can even have them delivered before you pick up your van and we can unpack them for you.

To enjoy a real OTBT experience why not hire a BBQ or fire pit, that way you can cook up on the beach at sunset or in the forest whilst enjoying some forest bathing. And don’t forget the all important s’mores!

Check out what’s included in your OTBT van and then live your adventure!